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5 Female Traders
That Made It Possible

Created by Pink FX
News Team

Trading has traditionally always been associated with tie-wearing and briefcase-carrying men operating from the world’s most renowned financial cities. However, things have changed rapidly over the years. It is now possible to trade from the comfort of your living room, the chicest café in town, or the dreamiest postcard-perfect beach. What’s more, trading is now accessible to anyone who has the determination to succeed. In other words, it’s the perfect secondary source of income for all the amazing women seeking financial independence. That’s why we have created a platform that is tailored to the needs of our female traders.

In this blog, we’re including a round-up of our favorite female traders and some of their well-known inspirational quotes.

Raghee Horner                

We’re starting with Raghee Horner. Raghee began her forex career at the young age of 15. She had asked her mother if she could have a part-time job while still in high school. Her mother had advised her that she could, on the condition that she would invest a percentage of her earnings. So, she started charting movements on engineering graph paper, her investments started to practically grow overnight and she has never looked back since.

Today, Raghee does not have to do any charting by hand. Over the last 30 years, she has gone from strength to strength and is now a very accomplished trader.

Raghee is very passionate about disseminating the knowledge and the insights that she has learned along the way. Raghee’s trading style incorporates a system-inspired approach and a continuous process of building her trades. She uses three key moving averages and color-coded candles to identify, position, drive, and last but not least, trend. This strategy and all the indicators enable any trader to trade without any emotions. If you’re about to take your first step in trading Raghee has some great resources to help you out. You can get her chart set-up here.

PinkForex’s Favorite Quote:

“I love trading and I love traders. It’s what I do and it’s the way I look at the world. My goal every single day is to help traders find their path through the markets to success.”


Linda Bradford Raschke                                             

Linda has been a professional trader in markets since 1981 and in 1992 became a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Since then, she has occupied the role of main trader for several hedge funds. In 2002 she established her hedge fund and held the position of Commodity Pool Operator (CPO). BarclayHedge ranked Linda’s hedge at number 17 out of 4500 for the best 5-year performance. After this, she retired from her position as a CTA and CPO in 2015. However, she continues to trade daily from the account that she has held since 1992.

In the world of professional trading and money management, Linda stands out from the crowd for three main attributes – achievement, endurance, and consistency. Linda is also the co-author of some outstanding trading books such as Street Smarts: High Probability Short Term Trading Strategies, SFO Personal Investor Series: Online Trading and Trading Sardines: Lessons in the Markets by a Lifelong Trader.

 You can learn more about Linda’s trading program based on the four different strategies she calls “profit centers” here.

PinkForex’s Favorite Quote:

“The good traders are the ones who can hold their ground the majority of the month and participate in that small handful of trades that are windfalls. The real skill is in not LOSING money!”

Kathy Lien                                       

We’d say that the majority of female traders have heard about Kathy Lien. However, if you’re not familiar with her profile, we’ll bring you up to speed.

Kathy started her career when she was 18 years old at the iconic Wall Street Market. She now has more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets. Kathy first worked with JPMorgan Chase and she subsequently joined JPMorgan’s cross-markets proprietary trading group. In 2003, the 23-year-old Kathy joined FXCM where she started the DailyFX.com. This portal is one of the leading online foreign exchange research platforms and Kathy’s extensive knowledge of the global currencies turned her into the leading female voice of the forex trading world. If this wasn’t enough, in 2008 Kathy joined Global Futures & Forex Ltd as Director of Currency Research. In her capacity, she led research activities for clients while she managed an international foreign-exchange analysis team.

Kathy is currently the Managing Director of FX Strategy at BK ASSET, a firm that she had co-founded back in 2007. Kathy is also an internationally published author with several publications under her belt. Some of our top reads include The Little Book of Currency Trading: How to Make Big Profits in the World of Forex, Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game and Lien’s Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market and The Insider’s Guide to Forex.

PinkForex’s Favorite Quote:

“Taking a few days off from watching the market to clear your mind can be the best remedy for a losing streak”

Jennifer Fan                                    

Jennifer graduated from New York University’s School of Business at just 19 with a double major in finance and statistics. Jennifer interned at the Bank of America and later joined Morgan Stanley as an analyst and subsequently, as a trader within the global liquids groups. Fan earned a reputation for being able to “trade anything.” In 2011, she gained the accolade of Hedge Fund Rising Star and she was also mentioned in Forbes’  “30 Under 30 in Finance”.

After Morgan Stanley, Fan joined the Arrowhawk Capital Management Group where she rose through the ranks to become a partner and a portfolio manager. In 2012, Fan launched her hedge fund Arbalet after Arrowhawk Capital closed and some of the investors followed her there. Arbalet managed to raise $700 million in funds and at thirty, Fan became the youngest hedge fund manager.

Unfortunately, while Fan had gained a 16% return by using the same strategy previously used at Arrowhawk, Arbalet saw slow returns and consequently the departure of some of the biggest investors. In 2013 funds had dropped below $200 million and reports of the account’s immediate closure began to surface. Some of the investors made an exit which caused a chain reaction for Fan.

Fan’s achievements at such a young age are nothing short of impressive. Fan is now also helping other young aspiring professionals through donations to Simon’s Rock Early College, where she was once a student.

PinkForex’s Favorite Quote:

“I am the queen of my life”

Lauren Simmons                                                          

At 22, Lauren Simmons shattered the glass ceiling quite loudly by becoming the youngest full-time female equity trader for Rosenblatt Securities. In fact, she has been nicknamed the loan woman on Wall Street.

Lauren graduated with a bachelor’s degree in genetics and a minor in statistics. However, she put this professional path on hold and moved to New York where her connections led her to the one and only Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO of Rosenblatt Securities. He took her under his wing as an equity trader working on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange. Lauren is a very confident trader who is actively encouraging women to pursue a career on the stock exchange floor. Lauren is currently working on her first publication that is focused on women, minorities, and millennials in finance. She is an incredible all-rounder: fearlessly making history, a keynote speaker, a financial guru, and author.

PinkForex’s Favorite Quote:

“You will limit yourself by listening to anyone but yourself”

Here at PinkForex, we believe that there is no space for glass ceilings in 2020. All that you need to succeed is already within you. So, don’t let outdated societal norms stop you from trailblazing your way into the forex world. PinkForex gives you all the tools you need to shine and become the (even more) incredible woman you were always destined to be.